Southampton Village Estate


Historic Trees

Southampton Village Estate section is home to some very special history. On April 14, 1842, the ship named Louis Philippe was on its way from Bordeaux, France, to New York City, when is was grounded at Mecox Beach in Bridgehampton. The ship’s deck cargo of Linden trees, Beech trees, shrubs, and rosebushes were thrown overboard to lighten the load and save the ship. Local residents collected the horticultural specimens from France and planted many of the trees, shrubs, and rosebushes throughout the surrounding towns. Some of the elm trees that stood along Main Street in East Hampton until the 1938 hurricane blew them down were reportedly from the Louis Philippe shipwreck. It is believed that at least 3 of these specimen trees were planted on this estate in Southampton Village. It was an honor to be requested to highlight them appropriately in collaboration with Terra Design so that their beauty could be enjoyed after dark.