Palm Beach Private Residence


Pushing the boundaries...

This private residence in Palm Beach Florida was a unique opportunity to be a part of a masterpiece. In 100 years from now we will look back at this moment in time where Green Energy and Sustainability became the new wave of the future in order to preserve this beautiful planet we call home. This home seamlessly brought the 2 worlds of sustainability and style together to make a grand statement. Meticulously designed by prominent Architect Daniel Kahan of Smith and Moore Architects along with famed landscape architects Mario Nievara and Keith Williams, every inch of this project was designed down to the finest details. From the position of Landscape Lighting we had to design the project to use as little energy as possible being connected to the solar grid. The newest LED Lamps featuring the highest quality light was used to highlight this property in the most subtle of ways. Each fixture strategically placed for optimal lighting displacement and effect. We worked very closely along-side the client night in and night out combining design ideas while pushing the boundaries of our design technique to create something truly peaceful yet exquisite.


Recent changes to the landscape were implemented so a new thought in lighting design was needed. Sometimes small tasks can be the most challenging as attention to detail on this property is taken to a whole new level. With the right technique we were not only able to create a grand welcoming entrance but also still able to hide the source of light not to be seen from the front door. The new look of the front entrance is effortlessly beautiful, like a sculpture standing above the ground.